This Week’s Developments in Tecuanípan

The baño seco’s roof is finally fully waterproofed! It sports a layer of sealant made from lime, soap, and alumbre rock, and another made from recycled tires. Last week the roof aced its first test, withstanding quarter-sized chunks of hail that pounded Tecuanípan for over half an hour. The toilet itself is now complete with inlaid shards of glass around the bowl and saw-dust container. In addition, the after-school classroom’s foundation is now complete, and rebar supports are being fixed in place. Work will continue this week on the cob walls.

Tuesday and Thursday afternoons have been very productive lately. The kids in our after-school program are in full swing with their masks –a project in which students have been developing characters and monologues (see previous posts). Reyna and Miriam have already presented as ‘butterfly’ and ‘flower’ in front of the class. We’re wrapping things up before vacation next week, so everyone will do their final performances this Thursday!

Outside, our class garden is sending up shoots. Students prepared beds and sowed seeds a few weeks ago. This was an activity that was not foreign to them — many kids work with their families in the fields at a young age and as a result are very familiar with planting techniques. We hope that our garden will help to foster confidence by encouraging the use of knowledge these kids already possess. In addition, it’s a great way for everyone to feel like they’re part of a team.

Take a look at the progress below:

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