Tradition Tops Pop: Tecuanipan’s Tiny Dancers

On Mother’s day Ina, Rachel, and I joined the gathering in Tecuanipan’s town square. An enormous white tent strung with pink balloons sheltered the crowd from the sun outside. Local mariachis played and children performed poetry and dances dedicated to their mothers in the audience. Most of the kids from our after-school class danced in the same group, their girls dressed in colorful full skirts and the boys in gold and black mariachi outfits.

Inspired by their outpouring of energy, we invited a friend and specialist in folkloric dance from Cholula to come to our class yesterday. We practiced footwork and learned about the importance of traditional dance in Mexico. Our friend told the students, “Sure, hip hop and Michael Jackson are great, but these dances are your own, they are your roots!”

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