A short student skit to communicate some learnings after a recent CLI program in San Juan Bautista, CA

*walking onto stage as if on a stroll and whole group starts to slow
down once to middle of stage*

Angie: It’s such a lovely day for a walk.
Gabby: Yeah it’s nice out…Guys look at that tree, it’s so big! *points
to imaginary tree* 
Alexis: Do you guys know where the mass of the tree comes from? 
Angie: (jokingly) Do we care? 
Emily: No, you guys, listen to Alexis.  We were learning about this on the
Central Coast Plunge last weekend and it’s actually pretty interesting
Gabby: Hmm, where does the mass of a tree come from…??  The soil?
Angie: The roots maybe?
Alexis: Nope, it’s the air!
Angie: The air?! How does that work?
Emily: Well, the air is the essence of everything. So take a river for
example, that water will eventually evaporate into the air.
Alexis: Yeah, and a tree gets everything it needs to grow from the air.
Even the carbon in the air helps it grow.
Gabby: Wow, who would’ve known. 
Emily: And speaking of water mass–did you know that there is more water
in the soil than the atmosphere and rivers combined? 
Angie: What?  That is crazy. But, who even cares? (drinks a gulp of
Alexis: Well, I care because I want to be a cowgirl.
Gabby: Why would you want to do that?
Alexis: Because if I manage the cows and the grasslands holistically,
then I will create a better water source, convert carbon more
efficiently and offer a healthy viable food source to my community. 
Angie: What do cows have to do with it? Mooo mooo…
Alexis: If you can move the herds just right, they will eat, fertilize,
and trample the grass, so the cows will create healthy grasslands.  And,
if we can get more carbon in the soil the water will follow.  And that
tree, right there, will keep growing strong. 
Angie: Wow, you’ve really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities.
Where can I sign up for the next plunge?!?!  

Answer:  With Community Links International!!!


About Community Links International

Community Links is an environmental, service-learning, immersion, volunteer, and international educational organization.
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