Cecilia Ackerman – January to June 2011

Cecilia is a graduate of the anthropology and studio art programs at the University of Vermont. She spent 6 months with Community Links in 2011, working with student groups, starting the CLI blog, and helping with the construction and education projects in Tecuanipan. She plans to build on her experience with CLI by pursuing community development work in the States, and a possible a graduate degree in anthropology.

Olivier Jay-Rayon – January to May 2011

Olivier is a 32 year old “Frenchie,” who’s been living around Europe and mostly Hamburg, Germany for 8 years.  He studied engineering in beautiful France, and works on airplanes.
He got sensitive to third world issues, poverty, cultural minorities issues while travelling in Asia, Africa and Latin America, and decided to dedicate a little time and work to understand these issues from within.